Active Shutter Bluetooth RF 3D Glasses 480Hz for Samsung 3D TV EPSON Projector TW6600/5350/5030UB/5040UB & Sony W800B Series

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  • Display Number: None
  • Controllers: No
  • Gesture Recognition: No
  • Real-time Map Construction: No
  • Base Stations: No
  • Compatible Device: No
  • All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: No
  • Model Number: ILDZ806
  • Sensor Type: standard
  • Package: Yes
  • Brand Name: underrow
  • 3D Glasses Type: Shutter
  • Viewing Experience: Non-Immersive
  • Type: other
  • Glasses Type: 3D Glasses

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248 in stock



Bluetooth shutter 3D glasses suitable for Toshiba Lenovo 17TV55I Samsung JU7800 Sony S8500C TV

1> support Samsung models, and Samsung using Bluetooth signal transmission 3D TV, models continue to update, the specific model can consult the store customer service staff
3D Active Bluetooth Glasses Compatible with HDTVs (D, E, ES, and F Series) for Samsung 3D TVs 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. Support Samsung's new F6100 F6200 F6300 F6400 F6500 F6800 F7500 F8000
55 "SUHD 65" SUHD Fantastic ultra-high definition surface TV JS9800
65 "SUHD 78" SUHD Fantastic ultra-high definition surface TV JS9900
105 "UHD Surface Smart TV S9
78 "UHD Surface Smart TV JU7800
JS8000 series
JU7000 series
Universal Samsung 3D TV and below
SA700, SA750, SA950 and other 3D displays
Can replace the SSG-3100GB / SSG-3050GB / SSG-M3050 / SSG-M3150 3D glasses
New 2015: UA55JU7800
New 2014:
UA78HU9800J, UA65HU9800J, UA55HU9800J, 55/65/85 HU8800, UA65HU8500JU, 55HU8500J, UA60H6400J, UA65H6400AJ, UA75H6400J, H6800,48 / 55HU6800, UA55H7500AJXXZ, UA60H7500AJXXZ, UA65H7500AJXXZ, UA75H7500AJXXZ
Year 2013:
F6400 F6420 F6500 F6800 F7000 F8000 F9000, UA40EH6030, 51F4900, UA85S9AJXXZ
2012 section:
UA46D7000LJ / UA55D8000YJ / UA55D7000LJ / PS43D490 / PS51D490 / UA55D6600 / UA46D6000 / UA55D6000 / UA40D6000 / UA46D6600 / UA55D6400 / UA46D6400 / PS59D8000 / PS64D8000 / UA55D6000SJXXZ, ES6100, ES6500, ES6700, ES6800, ES7000, ES7500, ES8000, PS43 / 51E490B2 Samsung 3D TV Can be used.
2> Support Sharp new smart TV
Sharp LCD-60UD30A / 70UD30 / 80UD30
50S1A 50U1A 58U1A 40U1A Series DS60A DS70A DS80A UE20A 50MY60A MY80A DS72A UE30A, 50UE20, 60UE20A Series
LCD-50S1A, LCD-50MY60A, LC70LE747KN, LC80LE657KN, LC90LE757K,
U1A series such as LX750A / 755/850 / S70 and LCD-58U1A (Perfectly compatible with AN-3DG50 glasses and AN-3DG40 glasses)
3> For the latest Sony 3D TV Model: x9400c
X8500A Series W850A Series
W800B Series (50W800B 55W800B 60W800B)
W850B Series (60W850B 70W850B)
X9000B Series (55X9000B 65X9000B)
W950A series W900A series
KDL-55W950A KDL-46W950A KDL-55W900A KDL-46W900A Series
4> For the new Toshiba Shutter 3D TV
46L1305C 46L1305C 46L3300C 46L1300C
46L3305C 46L5350C 46L1308C 46L1301C
48L3350C 55L3300C 55L5350C
5> Replace the Panasonic original Bluetooth new shutter TY-ER3D4MA
For 2012 new plasma VT50 / GT50 / ST50 / UT50 / XT50 / WT50 / DT50 series and
Panasonic TH-65AS650C new TV and so on
6> also applies to the new TCL shutter 3D TV
7> Leroy (ROWA) 49UD1000 4K TV
8> Konka active shutter Bluetooth 3D glasses Applicable models:
?KKTV9600UF39 / 55K60U KKTV 9600,9600U, 55K60U, X5000DE, X6000D, X8000D, 9600UF ,, 9500UF, 8100,8300 and other models of television use (Note: 9500UE series can not be used)
9> Hisense 4K shutter Bluetooth 3D glasses, suitable models:
LED85XT900G3D, LED85XT910G3D, LED75XT890G3D,
LED65K680X3DU, 58K680, 55K680, 50K680 and other 680 series TV
10> Lenovo smart TV 4K 40S9 50S9 S52

1x 3D Active Glasses




1x 3D Active Glasses

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Active Shutter Bluetooth RF 3D Glasses 480Hz for Samsung 3D TV EPSON Projector TW6600/5350/5030UB/5040UB & Sony W800B Series
$29.04 $26.13
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